Future of Responsibility Episode 9

Raphael Gielgen

Raphael Gielgen

“Today we reduce people to tasks and I think we have to change this.”

Now we present you the ninth part of our video series „The Future of Responsibility” with Raphael Gielgen. This time the video deals with the topic of „Post Work Society”. 
Raphael speaks about what post work society could look like. He points out that work which is driven by routine tasks could be taken over by soft- and hardware. Also, he gives insight on the consequences that come with that change. 
Next, he talks about if people who like routine tasks are going to be left on the way. He denies that and explains that we will have a completely different understanding of the economy. Furthermore, he mentions that we have to switch to a long term perspective. 
What is your opinion on soft and hardware replacing physical workers? What do you expect from the “Post Work Society?

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