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In this blog we are exploring and discussing the most recent topics in economics and management together with our alumni, ambassadors, partner companies and many more. If you want to contribute to this blog you can contact us here. You have already written a blog post for us but you cannot find it? – We are currently moving all blogposts from our old website to this new one. Your blog post will appear here shortly.

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Digital Leadership
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Responsible Leadership
The Future of Responsibility

What is Digital Leadership

Why PurposeThe question of why “Digital Leadership” is relevant seems simple and difficult at the same time. Nowadays, the fact that we are in the so-called digital revolution is already chewed over. The idea of Moore’s Law, namely exponential growth in computing power, innovative technologies

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Interview with Rolf Buch

“Digitalisation is one of the most important megatrends of the last few years” Rolf Buch is the CEO of Vonovia, Germany’s leading housing company. He tells us about his time at the Organisationsforum Wirtschaftskongress (OfW) and explains what digital leadership looks like at Vonovia and

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One thought about Responsible Leadership #12 – Ashutosh Misra

In today’s blog post our Indian active community member, Ashutosh Mishra, provides us with his views about responsible leadership. Currently, he is working in the Education Technology Industry. He studied Anant Fellowship, class of 2018-19, and pursued his Electrical Engineering degree from Jamia Millia Islamia,

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Future of Responsibility Episode 10

„The idea of the vertical campus would be also a perfect university building.” The next video of our video series „ The Future of Responsibility” with Raphael Gielgen focuses on the topic „University”.First, he points out how impressed he is by the MIT and especially

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Future of Responsibility Episode 9

“Today we reduce people to tasks and I think we have to change this.” Now we present you the ninth part of our video series „The Future of Responsibility” with Raphael Gielgen. This time the video deals with the topic of „Post Work Society”. Raphael speaks

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One thought about Responsible Leadership #9 – Dhron Choudhary

In today’s blog post our ambassador from India Dhron Choudhary gives us his thoughts about responsible leadership. Currently, he studies Material and Supply Chain Management at the Northern College of Applied Arts and Technology.Among other information, Dhron gives us an insight into the qualities that

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One Thought about Responsible Leadership #6 – Kavya Manocha

This week Kavya Manocha, the strategy and insights planning associate at ZS Associates, shares her thoughts on Responsible Leadership in our blog series. Especially regarding today’s challenges in a world that demand sustainable solutions which have societal impact and commitment to the common good. Since I was a

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