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We do not just host a conference. Throughout the year we organise more events and get-togethers. If you are in the talent pool we will notify you about every event that fits your profile and automatically consider your application.

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First, you need to fill out the form at the end of the page. We just need your name, contact details and CV. If you have succesfully submitted the form you will see a confirmation on the screen. That is it, it is that easy! 

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As soon as we announce an new event, we will first go through the talent pool to see who’s profile fits the event. I your profile fits, you will receive a message from us with an invitation and the next steps (we might need you to submit more information about yourself, e.g. a transcript etc.) 

About the Events

Speed Dating
The first impression matters!  During a 10-minute exchange you get the chance to meet representatives of leading companies that might become your future employer! You have the chance to present yourself and gain relevant insights into career opportunities as well as sharpen your ability to pitch your strenghts.
Dinner & Debate
In the Dinner & Debate students and experts have the opportunity to discuss a thesis posed by the World Business Dialogue in one evening. What's special about it? Through the unique event concept we create an exchange on equal terms, where the barriers between top managers, professors and students are lifted! The Dinner & Debate starts with a joint meal during which the moderators of the evening introduce the agenda and introduce the rules of the game for the Oxford Style Debate that will follow.

We held the CREATION LAB with three case study groups on Millenials marketing as part of the World Business Dialogue 2017. [...] At the same time, the CREATION LAB is a very good opportunity for employer branding and recruiting top international students. The support and selection of applicants by the OFW team was excellent. We will continue to actively use CREATION LAB in the future.

Dr. Nils Daecke, DIO at Henkel dx, about his experience

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Creation Lab

Dr. Oetker

Creation Lab

Impressions from our last Event

The Dialogue Days this June (06.06.-10.06.)

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