Future of Responsibility Episode 10

Raphael Gielgen

Raphael Gielgen

„The idea of the vertical campus would be also a perfect university building.”

The next video of our video series „ The Future of Responsibility” with Raphael Gielgen focuses on the topic „University”.
First, he points out how impressed he is by the MIT and especially the Media Lab in Boston. Through the given structure of the building, you get an overview of every department. Furthermore, he describes it as the centre of gravity for ideas, creativity, and technology.
Additionally, he gives an insight into the NUS and the SUTD in Singapore where they bring several University Departments together so that the students get to know the other fields around them. They also create public spaces for the students to not only connect but also to share their knowledge to give guidance. In the End, Raphael points out if universities and workplaces could be the same in the future.

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