We are a student-run non-profit company based in Cologne. Here, students can become entrepreneurial at an early stage and work on projects and events. With our connections to the business and start-up scene, but also to students worldwide, we create a platform for exchange. An exchange between entrepreneurs and students, between generations and between countries. At our events, we enable conversations at eye level in an informal atmosphere. Since 1984, many stories, ideas and careers have been created in this way more…

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Open House

You want to get to know us and become part of our core team? Then sign up for our Open House event! There we will introduce ourselves, answer all your questions and spend a nice evening with pizza and free drinks in our office.

Talent Pool

Enter our talent pool to never miss an application deadline again! All members of the talent pool will be automatically considered for any event that fits their profile. Sign up!

Why us?

The power of diverse perspectives on current challenges and creative thinking is more needed than ever. We enable a dialogue at eye level between bright students and accomplished leaders. As a student-run company, we can create a unique open and less formal atmosphere in our events which nevertheless is highly productive.

Talk to experienced leaders

Our formats are sponsored by a variety of top companies covering multiple industries. Each of these formats are led by high- ranked representatives. Enjoy the opportunity to connect with them not only on a professional but also a personal level.

Improve your skills and impress companies

This is your chance to impress top companies with your work attitude and skills. Stand out from fellow bright students from all over the world and make a lasting impression. All while improving your skills and broadening your knowledge in the event.

Meet likeminded international students

We select excellent students from all parts of the world to attend our events. Enjoy this unique spirit, connect with them and get to know different perspectives and tricks of the trade from like minded aspiring students. Whether it be regarding entrepreneurship, academics or international initiatives.

Gain new perspectives

Connect your experience with unbiased out of the box thinking to gain new perspectives on today’s problems. To solve them we need both. Enjoy the opportunity to connect with bright students not only on a professional but also a personal level.

Brand your company

Establish your company as an employer for the next generation. Attend our interactive and discussive events to authentically represent your company, its values, and benefits to young talents.

Recruit new talents

Assess new talents during your sponsored event in a less formal environment. Get to know the work attitude and skills of your prospects in a surrounding that allows them to open up more freely than in an office or headquarter.

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Global Network

Past Speakers

Event Formats

The Conference
Once a year we host the World Business Dialogue, an international business conference for students and young professionals at the University of Cologne. We want to create a Dialogue between young leaders of tomorrow and experienced company leaders
Creation Labs
Get creative in our Creation Lab! Over the course of 2-3 days, teams of students work together on a business project and present their final solutions to the sponsor company. This is your chance to impress the company, apply and strengthen your analytical thinking skills, your team spirit and your out-of-the-box thinking.
Dinner & Debate
In the Dinner & Debate students and experts have the opportunity to discuss a thesis posed by the World Business Dialogue in one evening. What's special about it? Through the unique event concept we create an exchange on equal terms, where the barriers between top managers, professors and students are lifted! The Dinner & Debate starts with a joint meal during which the moderators of the evening introduce the agenda and introduce the rules of the game for the Oxford Style Debate that will follow.
Speed Datings
The first impression matters!  During a 10-minute exchange you get the chance to meet representatives of leading companies that might become your future employer! You have the chance to present yourself and gain relevant insights into career opportunities as well as sharpen your ability to pitch your strenghts.
Dialogue Night
Become part of the Dialogue! At the Dialogue Night, we suspend the usual hierarchies. Here, for one evening, students and entrepreneurs have the opportunity to get to know each other and network at eye level. Maybe you'll take the next step on your career ladder here?

Partners of the Past

Our local team in Cologne

“No matter how bad the situation looks, you can always throw over everything, make a new plan and still succeed. Together as a team you can achieve everything! Just keep on going!”

Impressions of 2023

2023 was an exciting year for us! In addition to several workshops and Creation Labs, we organized three Dialogue Nights where students and entrepreneurs could get to know each other and exchange ideas on an equal footing. The World Business Dialogue gives you the chance to connect with other people in an uncomplicated way. Combined with the openness of the city of Cologne this is a truly unique experience.